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COVID-19 Webinar Series

Special Center for Disaster Research (SCDR), Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi with Climate Resilient Observing-Systems Promotion Council (CROPC) is conducting Webinar series on COVID-19 since the lockdown was announced in the country.

The webinar followed deliberations from the selected panellist in the respective area of the focus followed by discussion. The one-hour session answers many of the questions and generates a degree of new insights into the respective theme. This is a purely academic exercise for the benefit of students, researchers and professionals interested in this area.

The following are the list and linkages:


Webinar Topic Organised on Co-ordinated by Panellist Link to watch the webinar Poster of the webinar
1 COVID19 - Sharing global experiences 28 March 2020 Prof. P K Joshi

- Dr. Nikunj Makwana

- Dr. Sunita Reddy

- Dr. Sukesh Trikha

- Col. Sanjay Srivastava

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2 COVID19 - Business Continuity 03 April 2020 Dr. Sunita Reddy

- Swapnil Malusare

- Amit Prakash

- Swapnil Bor

- Col. Sanjay Srivastava

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3 COVID19 - Biodiversity Conservation 07 April 2020 Prof. P K Joshi

- Dr. Yogesh Gokhale

- Dr. Joachim Schmerbeck

- Dr. G Areendran

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4 COVID19 - Data Analytics 13 April 2020 Dr. Nikunj Makwana

- Dr. V Thomas Prasad

- Dr. Deb Jyoti Pal

- Prof. TV Vijay Kumar

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5 COVID19 - Virology: genesis, testing & diagnostic to recovery - sharing global experiences 17 April 2020 Col. Sanjay Srivastava

- Dr. Manoj V Murhekar

- Dr. Satish Ranjan

- Dr. Ravi Tandon

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6 COVID19 - Virology: medical, public health, preparedness & mitigation - sharing global experiences 18 April 2020 Dr. Sunita Reddy

- Dr. Vishnu Mishra

- Dr. Edmond Fernandes

- Dr. Siddharth Manvati

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7 COVID19 - NGOs: the challenges and solution 24 April 2020 Dr. Deep Narayan Pandey

- Dr. Ningombam Jiten Singh

- Shri Konda Reddy

- Shri Jeevan Bhai

- Shri Mithilesh Kumar

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8 COVID19 - Legal measures and the way ahead 26 April 2020 Shri Abhijeet Dwivedi

- Prof. Priya A Sondhi

- Shri Sandeep Mahapatra

- Dr. Seema Singh

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9 COVID19 - Labour issues 01 May 2020 Dr. Sunita Reddy

- Prof. N Vinod Chandra Menon

- Dr. Neetha N

- Prof. Siva Prasad

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10 COVID19 - Mental Health and related aspects 03 May 2020 Dr. Nikunj Makwana

- Dr. Arpit Parmar

- Dr. Pawan Sharma

- Dr. Prashant Gupta

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11 COVID19 - War Zone: State Disaster Management Authority 03 May 2020 Col. Sanjay Srivastava

- Dr. Piyoosh Rautela

- Dr. Sekhar L Kuriakose

- Shri Johnny Raungmei


COVID19 - Himalayan Environment

10 May 2020 Prof. P K Joshi

- Prof. B D Joshi

- Prof. P C Tiwari

- Prof. P C Joshi

- Dr. Anand Sharma

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13 COVID19 - Extreme weather events and implications on Disaster Management   16 May 2020  Col. Sanjay Srivastava

- Dr. K J Ramesh
- Dr. Anil K Sinha

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14 COVID19 - Media from GroundZero 17 May 2020 Dr. Deep Narayan Pandey

- Shri Bhgendra Pathak

- Anjali Mudgal

- Shri Ujjwal Narayan 
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15 COVID19 - Cyclone Amphan preparedness and response 19 May 2020 Dr. Sunita Reddy

- Shri Bishnu Pada Sethi

- Dr V Thomas Prasad

- Col. Sanjay Srivastava
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16 COVID19 - Experts and Experiences from the GroundZero 22 May 2020 Prof. P K Joshi

- Prof Anil K Gupta

- Dr Jugal Kishore



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